White (vanilla)
Red Velvet

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Flavours:

Milk Chocolate
Requests are welcome….

Dietary Restrictions: Vegan, Dairy free, Egg Free and Gluten free options are available
Peanuts are not present in my cakes, however I cannot guarantee no cross contamination for those with severe sensitivities to any of the above.
**please specify any allergy concerns.


Since each cake is unique please contact me with your ideas and budget and we can work together to create something you will enjoy.

All cakes are home made with fresh ingredients and based on your order can include hand sculpted and molded characters within your chosen design. I love to create NEW DESIGNS resulting in a completely UNIQUE cake so please don’t hesitate to request what your imagination has come up with. I will let you know what I can do!

Based on design and flavour each cake is completely unique; therefore the materials used and labour involved will differ. We can discuss your vision and budget to work together to create the perfect cake for you!! If you are interested in keeping to a smaller budget please think about my Design series cakes or something similar.


Pricing Information:
All cakes consist of 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling.

  • Design Series cakes start at $45 (to feed 15-20)
  • Giant Cupcake cakes start at $45 with décor (feeds 12-15 kids)
  • Fondant Cakes start at $50
  • Tiered Cakes start at $100

Cupcakes: Start at $2.50 each
Custom design: Please email for quote
Delivery Local – Minimum $10.00
After 10km add $1.50 per km

1. When should I order my cake?
The earlier the better as it is first come first serve with limited orders per week.

2. Why does each type of cake not have a set price?
Every cake I make is home made with unique flavour pairings and custom designs. I need to access the labour required to add the detail to your cake before I can pass on an accurate quote. If you contact me I will get back to you within 24 hours with this information.

3. Do you do wedding cakes?
Yes I do! I can work with you to create a wonderful piece for your special day. Once we establish that I can fit your needs we will sit down for a consultation. A 25% deposit will be required within 3 months prior to the date.

4. Do you satisfy different dietary needs?
I do not specialize in this as other bakeries do but can make gluten free cakes. Please inquire! I will not compromise taste for a piece if your needs are beyond my expertise but can help find the right baker for you.

5. Do you deliver or ship your cakes?
I will deliver my cakes for a minimum $10 charge. Please add $1.50/km after that. I do not ship cakes.